100+ ideas of what to give a girl for a year of relationship

It is not a gift that is dear, but atten­tion is a com­mon phrase in which a prag­mat­ic per­son will find many akness­es. A first anniver­sary gift for a set­heart should be spe­cial and mem­o­rable. We have col­lect­ed more than 100 ideas of what to give a girl for a year of rela­tion­ship.
100+ ideas of what to give a girl for a year of relationship
100+ ideas of what to give a girl for a year of rela­tion­ship. Pho­to: shutterstock.com

An impor­tant mile­stone in the his­to­ry of every cou­ple is the first anniver­sary of the rela­tion­ship. A spe­cial day for lovers. With­out gifts, are sure it will not do. And it’s great when a man is ready to spend time, mon­ey for the sake of the desire to please his beloved. But what makes her hap­py? Here, our col­lec­tion of ideas on what to give a girl for a year of rela­tion­ship will help: have col­lect­ed more than 100 gift options for every taste.

Top 25 best original gifts for a girl for a year of relationship

First, let’s talk about spe­cif­ic mate­r­i­al pre­sen­ta­tions. We tried to select orig­i­nal gifts for girls, with an empha­sis on the wow effect and prac­ti­cal­i­ty.

1. Vinyl player

Vinyl player
Pho­to: globallooweress.com

Suit­able for a gift to a girl who is fond of music. Espe­cial­ly if her playlist is full of tracks from the 80s and 90s. A good play­er is expen­sive. Plus, you need to buy addi­tion­al speak­ers, a nee­dle, etc. to it. But now there are many good devices for sale for ama­teurs, not advanced users. They are inex­pen­sive, every­thing you need is already out of the box. It remains only to con­nect to the out­let. A bonus is the abil­i­ty to con­nect via Blue­tooth to smart­phones.

2. Illuminated cosmetic mirror

Illuminated mirror
Pho­to: @sasha-kim, pexels.com

They have built-in LEDs. The best mod­els have bright­ness con­trol, and can also change the col­or tem­per­a­ture from cold light to neu­tral or warm. This gift for a girl for a year of rela­tion­ship is lit­er­al­ly 2 in 1: both tech­no­log­i­cal­ly advanced and with an empha­sis on the sphere of beau­ty.

3. Capsule coffee machine

coffee machine
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Of course, you can also give an ordi­nary cof­fee machine. But its dis­ad­van­tages are dimen­sions, price, the need for reg­u­lar main­te­nance. Cap­sule machines win in these aspects. The cap­sule already con­tains the required amount of grain. Plus, you can quick­ly change the drink. Less fuss with them. One bad thing — in terms of a cup of cof­fee, the cap­sule costs more than whole or ground grains. But this is an over­pay­ment in the long run. And now, if a girl loves an invig­o­rat­ing drink, she will be pleased to receive such a present for a year of rela­tion­ship.

4. Sleeping kit

Pho­to: pixabay.com

Paja­mas don’t sound fash­ion­able. But the sleep kit is almost lux­u­ry! Neat shorts and shirt. You can choose from hun­dreds of col­ors and styles, opt for nat­ur­al mate­ri­als — silk, cot­ton, linen. A prac­ti­cal gift for fash­ion­istas.

5. Mesoscooter

Pho­to: pixabay.com

A cos­met­ic acces­so­ry that breaks sales records. This is a small face and scalp mas­sager. They can apply cos­met­ics or just knead the skin, relieve slling after sleep. On sale there are prod­ucts made of arti­fi­cial stone and with dif­fer­ent noz­zles.

6. Desktop humidifier

Pho­to: pixabay.com

A portable device, most often pored by a USB cable or bat­ter­ies. You pour water into it, wait five min­utes until the fil­ter is sat­u­rat­ed and turn it on. Emits a thin jet of cool steam. It will not have such a sig­nif­i­cant effect on the micro­cli­mate in the room. But the space near the wor­welace will com­plete­ly cool. It can also be used in win­ter if the room has dry air due to heat­ing.

7. Organizer for cosmetics

Pho­to: @andersonguerra, pexels.com

Helps to orga­nize cos­met­ic chaos. It will include all sponges, brush­es, var­nish­es, tubes and lip­sticks. Con­sists of a dozen com­part­ments for stor­ing dif­fer­ent form fac­tors of cos­met­ics. There are closed mod­els that are con­ve­nient to trans­port. Or vice ver­sa, portable — for stor­age in box­es.

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8. Manicure set

Manicure set
Pho­to: pixabay.com

The ball here is ruled by Ger­man, Swiss and Amer­i­can firms. Although there are more bud­get ana­logues. Tez­ers, scis­sors, nail file, nip­pers, spat­u­la, cuti­cle scis­sors. Sold in beau­ti­ful cas­es.

9. Tea set

Pho­to: pixabay.com

For an ori­en­tal cer­e­mo­ny or just a pleas­ant tea par­ty. You can buy ele­gant porce­lain tea pairs or from “rough” clay. Both options look styl­ish and add charm and cer­e­mo­ni­al­i­ty to the usu­al tea par­ty.

10. Lamp for gel polish

Pho­to: Frank Sto­ber, globallooweress.com

Do not spend mon­ey on a man­i­cure from a mas­ter, but do every­thing your­self — now many girls are try­ing. Reg­u­lar lac­quer is less durable than gel. But to fix and dry it, you need a spe­cial device — a lamp. We sug­gest giv­ing it to a lady for a year of rela­tion­ship. But only if she’s into man­i­cures at all. Oth­er­wise, the device will stand idle.

11. Thermal hat

Pho­to: Andrey Arkusha, globallooweress.com

She looks pret­ty fun­ny. As if they removed the seat from the ottoman, con­nect­ed wires and a switch to it and offer to put this design on the head. It is need­ed to enhance the effects of var­i­ous hair masks. A sim­i­lar tech­nique is used in beau­ty salons, but here every­thing is at home.

12. Neck and back massager

Pho­to: pixabay.com

Bat­tery elec­tric device. I put it on the neck-col­lar zone, flipped the tog­gle switch and sit and enjoy. It vibrates, buzzes, and also warms. Use­ful thing for peo­ple with seden­tary work.

13. Foot bath

Pho­to: Jochen Tack, globallooweress.com

Anoth­er relax­ation present that can be giv­en to a girl for a year of rela­tion­ship. True, if you are plan­ning a date in a restau­rant, it is incon­ve­nient to go with an elec­tric basin. In gen­er­al, the device is excel­lent. It warms the legs, bub­bling pleas­ant­ly, relieves stress and helps to sur­vive a cold.

14. Hair styler

Pho­to: globallooweress.com

For men who are far from the beau­ty indus­try, will explain sim­ply: this is such a styling hair dry­er with dif­fer­ent noz­zles. They are for dif­fer­ent types of hair, hair­styles and dif­fer­ent mod­els of curls. The best devices are sold in beau­ti­ful cas­es.

15. Kitchen scale

kitchen scales
Pho­to: @ksenia-chernaya, pexels.com

Use­ful for those who love to cook. Helps begin­ners who strict­ly fol­low the gram­mar in recipes. Or pros who, for exam­ple, are fond of mol­e­c­u­lar cui­sine.

16. Clothes steamer

Garment steamer
Pho­to: pixabay.com

A prac­ti­cal gift for a girl. Iron, he, of course, will not replace. But it helps out when you need to quick­ly update a wardrobe item, or iron a com­plex fab­ric, a dress of an unusu­al style.

17. Ice Cream Maker

Pho­to: shutterstock.com

He poured the ingre­di­ents, clicked the but­ton and they began to cool. Inside this appli­ance is a refrig­er­ant that quick­ly freezes the dessert. Plus, a ready-made form, no need to force the freez­er with dish­es. Advanced appli­ances are able to pre­pare dif­fer­ent types of ice cream: from soft gela­to to pop­si­cles.

18. Dehydrator

Pho­to: @mason-jars, pexels.com

A gift for a girl who is on PP (prop­er nutri­tion), loves to cook or is fond of culi­nary exper­i­ments. The prin­ci­ple of oper­a­tion of the device is dry­ing. Evap­o­rates most of the mois­ture from the prod­uct. For exam­ple, I cut a banana, put it in, banana chips are ready in a cou­ple of hours. This trick can be done not only with veg­eta­bles and fruits. For exam­ple, with meat and fish.

19. Light alarm

Pho­to: @fox, pexels.com

The device sim­u­lates sun­set and sun­rise. So it can also be used as a night light. Doc­tors have long proven that white light reduces the pro­duc­tion of hor­mones nec­es­sary for sleep. And this device just needs a col­or tem­per­a­ture. In the morn­ing, on the con­trary, it sets the light nec­es­sary for awak­en­ing. And it also has a clock, a radio and a pleas­ant sound sig­nal. A gift for those who turn the morn­ing into a rit­u­al, and do not imme­di­ate­ly jump with the trill of an alarm clock on their smart­phone.

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20. A set of essential oils

Essential oils set
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Many peo­ple attach great impor­tance to a har­mo­nious and pleas­ant smell. A pleas­ant aro­ma of the house, per­fumes for dif­fer­ent occa­sions and oth­er nuances. Essen­tial oils can be added to the bath, go to the bath with them, or sim­ply scent the room.

21. Smart watch

Children's smart watch
Pho­to: pixabay.com

An elec­tron­ic watch that con­nects to a smart­phone. Unlike fit­ness track­ers, they not only count steps, calo­ries, heart rate and allow you to select a work­out mode. With them, you can ansr calls, mes­sages, flip through music. Mobile appli­ca­tions make their own mini-ver­sions for smart watch­es to make the user’s life even more con­ve­nient. Plus, you can choose the strap to your lik­ing and cus­tomize the design of the dial.

22. Plaid

Soft blanket
Pho­to: pixabay.com

A gift for a girl, in which care, prac­ti­cal­i­ty, and a sense of beau­ty are felt. After all, the plaid per­fect­ly com­ple­ments the inte­ri­or of the room. Choose from nat­ur­al mate­ri­als. In stores there are blan­kets of dif­fer­ent tex­tures, fab­rics, with pat­terns and prints.

23. Breakfast table

Pho­to: Car­o­line Arber, globallooweress.com

You can donate right in the morn­ing on the day of the anniver­sary. Just don’t for­get to cook break­fast! Or at least order deliv­ery. The tables are fold­able for easy stor­age. Mod­els are made from dif­fer­ent woods, you can choose uni­ver­sal oak, beech, bam­boo or look for more con­trast­ing solu­tions like cher­ry, mahogany.

24. Photo album with your love story

Photo album
Pho­to: Domini­ka Rose­clay, pexels.com

These days, pic­tures are rarely print­ed, the dig­i­tal world has won here. And you take — and print! Let blur­ry, out of focus shots. But they will be real, and after a year their val­ue for your union will increase sig­nif­i­cant­ly. You can add print­ed screen­shots of cor­re­spon­dence and espe­cial­ly touch­ing mes­sages to the album.

25. Sneakers

Pho­to: Jochen Tack, globallooweress.com

Uni­ver­sal shoes, in which both in a feast, and in the world, and in good peo­ple. If you know the size of your lady’s feet and your favorite brand of sports shoes, then new sneak­ers will be a great gift option — use­ful and pleas­ant.

Original gift ideas for a girl for a year of relationship

  1. New smart­phone.
  2. Wrist watch.
  3. Jel­ry: ear­rings, pen­dant, ring.
  4. A set of glass­es.
  5. Under­ar.
  6. Con­cert tick­ets.
  7. Din­ner at the restau­rant.
  8. Date on the roof.
  9. Pho­to­shoot.
  10. Instant cam­era.
  11. Cer­tifi­cate for a cloth­ing store or shop­ping mall.
  12. Per­fume.
  13. Care cos­met­ics.
  14. Set of sports nutri­tion rations.
  15. Exot­ic fruits.
  16. Trav­el, ekend trip.
  17. Par­tic­i­pa­tion in an inter­ac­tive quest.
  18. Con­cert or the­ater tick­ets.
  19. Sub­scrip­tion to stream­ing ser­vices — music, movies.
  20. Mas­ter class in the eques­tri­an club.
  21. Sub­scrip­tion to the pool or gym (if she her­self hint­ed that she want­ed to go).
  22. Solar­i­um hours.
  23. Beau­ti­cian pro­ce­dures.
  24. Bed sheets.
  25. Sleep mask.
  26. Tea cou­ple.
  27. Tem­po­rary (wash­able) hair dye.
  28. Eye patch­es.
  29. Busi­ness class flight.
  30. Auto­mat­ic corkscrew.
  31. Balm or hair mask.
  32. LED face mask.
  33. A set of gym­nas­tic rub­ber bands.
  34. Yoga mat.
  35. Gouache scraper.
  36. Board game.
  37. Col­lectible doll.
  38. Por­bank.
  39. Mas­sage shor head.
  40. Cof­fee grinder.
  41. Kuznetsov appli­ca­tor.
  42. Portable fan.
  43. Cap­puc­ci­na­tore.
  44. Mini oven.
  45. Yoghurt mak­er.
  46. Per­cus­sion mas­sager.
  47. Weath­er sta­tion.
  48. Waf­fle iron.
  49. Desk­top air con­di­tion­er.
  50. Reverse osmo­sis sys­tem.
  51. Smart light bulb.
  52. Portable speak­er with voice assis­tant.
  53. Machine for clean­ing clothes from pel­lets.
  54. Night­light.
  55. LED lamp for make­up and self­ie.
  56. A set of lens­es for a smart­phone.
  57. Leather gloves.
  58. Ladies clutch.
  59. Ther­mo mug.
  60. Cool­ing stones for drinks.
  61. French press.
  62. The cab­i­net.
  63. Spe­cial­ty cof­fee bean.
  64. Set for cook­ing Japan­ese rolls.
  65. Mix for bak­ing cakes, pan­cakes, cup­cakes.
  66. Flight in a hot air bal­loon.
  67. Con­cert under the win­dows.
  68. Swim­suit.
  69. TV set-top box.
  70. Wire­less head­phones.
  71. Fit­ness track­er.
  72. Mir­ror­less cam­era.
  73. 3D glass­es.
  74. Note­book.
  75. Cer­tifi­cate for teach­ing online cours­es.
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How to choose a gift for a girl for a year of relationship

In an ide­al gift in opti­mal pro­por­tions, sev­er­al aspects are observed:

  • prac­ti­cal­i­ty;
  • the desire to evoke good emo­tions (so that she says “Wow! Wow!”);
  • sense of tact.

When choos­ing a gift, igh your options for all of these aspects.

Of course, it is bet­ter to choose a gift in advance. But if time is run­ning out, then the guy should show ana­lyt­i­cal and strate­gic abil­i­ties. We care­ful­ly recall all her hob­bies, pas­sions, sym­pa­thies. Par­tic­u­lar­ly impor­tant are flash­backs in mem­o­ry from phras­es that begin with the con­struc­tion: “I would like to myself …”.

If your rela­tion­ship is dom­i­nat­ed by dry prag­mat­ics ( hope there is a bit of pas­sion too!), Then you can clar­i­fy in advance what your lady would be pleased to receive as a gift. Not every­one likes sur­pris­es. Some­one will be hap­py with the pre­dictable result. In any case, they do not take mon­ey for ask­ing. So a cou­ple of eks before the anniver­sary, the ques­tion: “What would you like to receive as a gift?” quite appro­pri­ate.

- When choos­ing a gift for a girl for a year of rela­tion­ship, it is bet­ter to rely on per­son­al­i­ty char­ac­ter­is­tics. If your girl­friend prac­ti­cal­ly does not ar make­up, you do not need to give her a gift cer­tifi­cate for the pur­chase of cos­met­ics. This can be regard­ed as a hint that she needs to apply make­up, as some­thing does not suit the guy in her appear­ance, advis­es psy­chol­o­gist Sofia Bolkhovitina.

Popular questions and ansrs

We asked psy­chol­o­gist Sofia Bolkhovitina to ansr ques­tions that would help a part­ner make the right choice.

What can not be given to a girl for a year of relationship?

Do not buy the most dis­creet and ver­sa­tile gift. Girls more often than boys look for mean­ing, idea, mes­sage in gifts. Banal­i­ties can be per­ceived as an on-duty “Take it off and leave me alone!”.

What gift can you make with your own hands for a year of relationship?

“DIY” does not always mean crafts and hand-made. This may include the orga­ni­za­tion of a fes­tive event. An anniver­sary can be an occa­sion for the real­iza­tion of what she has long desired, but was afraid to embody. For exam­ple, you heard that a girl dreams of sky­div­ing. Give her an oppor­tu­ni­ty. It is bet­ter to inform her in advance so that she does not enter the air­field in stilet­tos and a skirt. When she suc­cess­ful­ly goes through a stress­ful sit­u­a­tion with you, receives your sup­port, care, encour­age­ment, this will have a pos­i­tive effect on the lev­el of trust beten you.

What kind of surprise can you arrange for a girl on her anniversary?

If talk about sur­pris­es, then they should be as calm and peace­ful as pos­si­ble. This includes pic­nics with var­i­ous good­ies and lunches/dinners in inter­est­ing, unusu­al places. For exam­ple, go boat­ing and bring fruits, veg­eta­bles, sand­wich­es that you can eat with your hands with­out get­ting dirty and leav­ing a lot of garbage behind. There are many inter­est­ing estab­lish­ments, for exam­ple, a restau­rant in which there is not a sin­gle light source, this is very extra­or­di­nary, but do not take a per­son with nyc­to­pho­bia — the fear of the dark — there. Horse­back rid­ing can be rel­e­vant in com­fort­able ather at almost any time of the year. But remem­ber that the girl needs to be informed about the for­mat of cloth­ing.