100+ gift ideas for the person who has everything

A gift is a sign of your atten­tion and respect. And I want it to please the per­son you are going to con­grat­u­late. But it hap­pens that the ques­tion of choos­ing a present becomes a prob­lem: what to give to a per­son who has every­thing? We will prompt
100+ gift ideas for the person who has everything
Gift ideas for the per­son who has every­thing. Pho­to: shutterstock.com

When choos­ing a present for a dear per­son, often try to buy some­thing bright and mem­o­rable. What if you con­grat­u­late him every year? Fan­ta­sy can end, and the most banal ideas will inevitably come into play. But the pangs of choice can be faced, even when choos­ing a present for some­one for the first time. There are peo­ple who do not deny them­selves any­thing, the house is a full bowl, they buy every­thing they need for a com­fort­able and excit­ing life. Why sur­prise them?

We have pre­pared a list of gifts for sophis­ti­cat­ed peo­ple, as ll as rec­om­men­da­tions that will come in handy if you sud­den­ly do not find the per­fect option in this arti­cle and go on your own search for the best present.

Top 20 Best Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Our main advice: try to choose a gift that will evoke emo­tions or even nos­tal­gia. A gift that will help the donee remem­ber some bright events relat­ed to you, or get a new expe­ri­ence, is a good idea. We bring to your atten­tion a list of non-banal options.

1. Instant camera

Instant camera
Pho­to: pixabay.com

On the one hand, a styl­ish present that will come in handy for emo­tion­al spon­ta­neous shoot­ing. On the oth­er hand, such a gift may remind you of old cam­eras that re used in the 2000s. Mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy func­tions sim­ply: in fact, it is a lens in a plas­tic box in which car­tridges and chem­i­cals are placed for devel­op­ing an image. Yes, such a cam­era is not suit­able for dai­ly use, but as a “toy” for guests dur­ing a fes­tive par­ty, it will fit per­fect­ly.

2. Handmade fortune cookies

fortune cookies
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Such a dessert is quite easy to pre­pare: it con­sists of egg whites, flour, sug­ar and but­ter. But the main com­po­nent of the gift is inside. Cut small strips of paper and write pos­i­tive wish­es or “prophe­cies” on them. It is desir­able that they be tar­get­ed. Pack every­thing in a pret­ty box (you can find one at many pas­try shops) and com­plete it with a post­card. If you are too lazy, you can buy ready-made for­tune cook­ies or order treats from con­fec­tion­ers.

3. Stickers in social networks or messengers

Pho­to: Szabo Vik­tor, unsplash.com

Many of us use instant mes­sen­gers and social net­works. Why not use this niche? Cre­ate a “named” stick­er pack. If you pick up fun­ny pho­tos and com­ple­ment them with sig­na­ture phras­es of the per­son you are going to present such a sur­prise to, it will make a splash. More­over, there are many life hacks on the Inter­net on how to make such a stick­er pack, with a step-by-step descrip­tion of the process. You can not lim­it the num­ber of stick­ers, but advise you to choose 5–7 of the fun­ni­est and bright­est.

4. Advent calendar

advent calendar
Pho­to: pixabay.com

If you are won­der­ing what to give for a spe­cif­ic date, take a look at advent cal­en­dars. The tra­di­tion of giv­ing such cal­en­dars came to us from Europe: the point is to count the days until Christ­mas, open­ing a sur­prise every day. But it is not nec­es­sary to give such a present just for the New Year — you can choose any occa­sion, it will be orig­i­nal and fresh.

The advent cal­en­dar looks like a big box with cells, each of which is filled with a small gift. They are pro­duced by many brands of cos­met­ics, skin care prod­ucts, you can find options with socks and Christ­mas toys, or you can make such a present your­self.

5. Console game

Pho­to: Glenn Carstens-Peters, unsplash.com

If a per­son is pas­sion­ate about games, then the most desir­able gift for the hol­i­day for him, per­haps, will be a disc with a new game. When choos­ing, con­sid­er the brand and mod­el of the con­sole, as ll as the type of game and how long ago it was released. If you are not sure which game your loved one will like, then the best solu­tion would be a cer­tifi­cate for its pur­chase.

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6. VR glasses for smartphone

Pho­to: Vanes­sa Lor­ing, pexels.com

VR glass­es can be used to play games or watch videos that have the appro­pri­ate for­mat. This tech­nol­o­gy immers­es a per­son in a dif­fer­ent real­i­ty 360 degrees, and all that is need­ed for this is his phone. The advan­tage of such a gift is a rel­a­tive­ly low price with a spec­tac­u­lar pre­sen­ta­tion. The per­son him­self is unlike­ly to think about acquir­ing such glass­es, but the present will sure­ly cause pos­i­tive emo­tions.

7. Paint by numbers

Paint by numbers
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Draw­ing relax­es and calms the nerves. In addi­tion, it is nice to hang a beau­ti­ful pic­ture, cre­at­ed by one­self, at home or in the office. The main thing is to cor­rect­ly choose the size and com­plex­i­ty of the cir­cuit. For begin­ners, it is bet­ter to pur­chase a small paint­ing with large details. Such sets can be bought at any art store, as ll as on mar­ket­places. The kit includes a can­vas on a stretch­er, paints (usu­al­ly acrylic), as ll as fas­ten­ers for fix­ing the work on the wall.

8. Smart speaker

smart speaker
Pho­to: pixabay.com

With this gad­get, you can use voice con­trol at home, turn on music, set an alarm, and even play quizzes with a voice assis­tant. Speak­ers dif­fer in size, sound qual­i­ty, design and func­tion­al­i­ty. In order to choose the right assis­tant, con­sid­er the size of the room where you plan to put the speak­er, and advise you to choose the col­or depend­ing on the inte­ri­or. Togeth­er with the gad­get, you can pur­chase a sub­scrip­tion to music so as not to puz­zle the per­son for whom the present is intend­ed.

9. Portable battery

External battery for charging gadgets
Pho­to: pixabay.com

If you are not sure that you will be able to choose an exclu­sive gift for the hol­i­day, advise you to pur­chase some­thing uni­ver­sal. For exam­ple, a phone bat­tery. The lat­est tech­nol­o­gy is a wire­less bat­tery, which you can sim­ply place your smart­phone with­out con­nect­ing wires. Char­ac­ter­is­tics to pay atten­tion to: capac­i­ty, size and ight, col­or. And first of all, you need to study the list of phone mod­els with which the device can be com­pat­i­ble. All this is indi­cat­ed in the prod­uct descrip­tion. Also, don’t for­get to check cus­tomer reviews.

10. Biofireplace

Pho­to: pixabay.com

It can become an ele­gant inte­ri­or dec­o­ra­tion in an apart­ment or a coun­try house. Like a per­son who appre­ci­ates the com­fort and warmth of the hearth. The fire of a biofire­place looks like a real one, but does not emit acrid smoke and a char­ac­ter­is­tic smell. Works on harm­less fuel that is suit­able for the enclosed space.

11. Genetic test

genetic test
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Such a test “reads” DNA and char­ac­ter­izes it accord­ing to a num­ber of para­me­ters: ori­gin, hap­logroup, pre­dis­po­si­tion to dis­eases, cer­tain foods, and so on. It will be a great gift for some­one who is inter­est­ed in their pedi­gree and is not averse to check­ing a num­ber of para­me­ters in order, for exam­ple, to adjust their diet.

The test is done eas­i­ly, and then a couri­er arrives for it, and on aver­age in a month it will be pos­si­ble to study the result, as ll as get expert advice.

12. Wine cooler

Pho­to: James Cole­man, unsplash.com

A won­der­ful gift for a true con­nois­seur of the drink. It is believed that the wine should be stored in an indi­vid­ual tem­per­a­ture regime, which is indi­cat­ed on the bot­tle. But a con­ven­tion­al refrig­er­a­tor is dif­fi­cult to adjust to suit­able degrees, and it is not always pos­si­ble to allo­cate a spe­cial stor­age space. A spe­cial appa­ra­tus comes to the res­cue, where the wine is cooled even­ly and the required tem­per­a­ture is main­tained.

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13. Apparatus for creating collagen masks

Fabric face masks
Pho­to: shiny-dia­mond, pexels.com

An inter­est­ing gift option, for exam­ple, for a sis­ter or girl­friend for the New Year. The device is easy to oper­ate: just pour in the active ingre­di­ent (veg­etable and fruit juice, aloe pulp, etc.) and add the col­la­gen tablet that comes with the kit. With­in five min­utes you will have a col­la­gen mask in your hands, like from a store.

14. Vacuum cleaner for washing windows

Pho­to: shutterstock.com

Such a gift will be espe­cial­ly appre­ci­at­ed by those who have panoram­ic win­dows in their house or apart­ment. An indis­pens­able gad­get for res­i­dents of high floors. It is attached to the glass on both sides and wash­es the sur­face quick­ly and with­out streaks. But most impor­tant­ly, with­out your active par­tic­i­pa­tion. It is con­ve­nient that you do not need to buy a spe­cial solu­tion — noz­zles can be sprayed with ordi­nary win­dow clean­ing liq­uid.

15. Aqua farm

Pho­to: Del­bert Pagay­ona, unsplash.com

Such a gift, say, for a birth­day, will appeal to those who like to sur­round them­selves with liv­ing plants, and there are not so many places at home or in the office. The aqua farm is a closed ecosys­tem with a house­plant upstairs and a mini-aquar­i­um with fish down­stairs. Such a gift will sure­ly dec­o­rate your desk­top. And it’s nice that the ecosys­tem is easy enough to care for.

16. Quadcopter

Pho­to: pixabay.com

A great birth­day or even anniver­sary gift for a fash­ion gad­get lover. When choos­ing a quad­copter, be guid­ed by indi­ca­tors of such fea­tures as charge capac­i­ty, flight speed, con­trol radius, pres­ence of a cam­era and con­trol method. For a begin­ner, it is bet­ter to find a remote con­trol with­out a large num­ber of but­tons — it will be eas­i­er to man­age. It is also impor­tant for an inex­pe­ri­enced user that the speed modes switch auto­mat­i­cal­ly and the “return home” func­tion is set up.

17. Umbrella

smart umbrella
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Suit­able as a gift for a per­son who often trav­els on busi­ness trips, as ll as a leader. We advise you to choose auto­mat­ic options for dis­creet col­ors. For a man, it is bet­ter to buy black or brown, for a woman — beige or trans­par­ent. So the gift will fit any clothes and they will def­i­nite­ly be used. If you want to be orig­i­nal, you can find an umbrel­la for sale that changes col­or when it comes into con­tact with water.

18. Hammock for an apartment

Pho­to: cot­ton­bro stu­dio, pexels.com

The most unex­pect­ed gift, for exam­ple, for the New Year. Many do not even know that such ham­mocks exist. It’s sim­ple: the mod­el can be attached not only to trees or beams, but also to a wall or ceil­ing using spe­cial mounts. Good home ham­mocks can with­stand both a child and an adult, as they are sewn from dense fab­ric and sup­plied with reli­able aves. In addi­tion, with such a ham­mock you can zone the space and diver­si­fy the inte­ri­or of the room.

19. Home Brery

Mini brery
Pho­to: cot­ton­bro, pexels.com

Cre­at­ing sig­na­ture drinks is a tru­ly med­i­ta­tive busi­ness. A home brer is a con­tain­er (prefer­ably stain­less steel) that can be used to make foam at home from malt extract or grain wort. And as a gift set, you can imme­di­ate­ly order a book with beer brew­ing recipes and per­son­al­ized bot­tle labels.

20. Box for storing watches with winding

Pho­to: market.yandex.ru

Great gift for a watch lover. If you know that a per­son has sev­er­al acces­sories, then a wind­ing box will come in handy and take pride of place in his clos­et. Its mean­ing is that it pro­tects the watch from stop­ping the mech­a­nism, which adverse­ly affects the qual­i­ty of the acces­so­ry. Typ­i­cal­ly, such box­es are made of leather or wood in sooth­ing shades and are com­ple­ment­ed by a glass lid so that the clock can be seen.

Unique gift ideas for the person who has everything

  1. diary
  2. Cig­a­rette case
  3. Por­trait
  4. Float­ing Cer­tifi­cate
  5. Fit­ness bracelet
  6. Cer­tifi­cate for par­tic­i­pa­tion in the regat­ta
  7. Per­son­al fra­grance for the home
  8. lip­stick mak­ing cer­tifi­cate
  9. Fruit bas­ket and sparkling wine
  10. Bou­quet of flors with a note
  11. Video greet­ing
  12. Chess
  13. Gift bound book
  14. game con­sole
  15. Salt lamp
  16. Lamp with a map of the star­ry sky
  17. lev­i­tat­ing pot
  18. Portable tread­mill
  19. Mas­sage Mat
  20. self­ie lamp
  21. dri­ving gloves
  22. Car orga­niz­er
  23. Pho­to­shoot
  24. cof­fee cou­ple
  25. Cook­ing course cer­tifi­cate
  26. The­ater tick­ets
  27. rare lantern
  28. Pri­vate excur­sion to the muse­um
  29. Set of forged glass­es
  30. Tent
  31. Para­cord bracelet
  32. Cook­ing class cer­tifi­cate
  33. per­pet­u­al cal­en­dar
  34. hand­made cake
  35. T‑shirt with fun­ny inscrip­tion
  36. Backgam­mon
  37. beer hel­met
  38. Micro­phone for karaoke
  39. Pok­er set
  40. Tes­la Plas­ma Ball
  41. Chain-shaped bot­tle hold­er
  42. ship’s bell
  43. Cock­tail set
  44. Set of dish­es
  45. Book safe
  46. Anti­stress toy
  47. Melt­ed bot­tle serv­ing dish
  48. Book with apho­risms of the birth­day man
  49. Plaid
  50. Bath set
  51. mush­room knife
  52. Fly­ing paper lanterns
  53. 53. Yoga mat
  54. Head­phones
  55. Dec­o­ra­tive hour­glass
  56. Cig­ar set
  57. Humid­i­fi­er
  58. Box with live but­ter­flies
  59. Portable Juicer Blender
  60. Rare coffee/tea
  61. air fry­er
  62. bread mak­er
  63. ozone gen­er­a­tor
  64. Teapot
  65. Foot mas­sager
  66. Dehy­dra­tor
  67. Rock­ing chair
  68. Pro­jec­tor
  69. Mag­net­ic book hold­er
  70. Device for auto­mat­ic water­ing plants
  71. Cool­er bag
  72. heart rate mon­i­tor
  73. gift coin
  74. Col­lectible stamps
  75. Wall mount­ed ather sta­tion
  76. Tele­scope
  77. pet gps track­er
  78. Sky­div­ing cer­tifi­cate
  79. the globe
  80. A set of fun­ny socks.

For any occa­sion, for all ages: help you choose orig­i­nal gifts

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How to choose a gift for the person who has everything

Tells Maria Popo­va, cre­ative gift expert:

- If a per­son has every­thing, and you do not know what to give, I advise you to pay atten­tion to his inter­ests. You can choose some­thing that sim­pli­fies his hob­by or per­son­al­ize it by order­ing a name engrav­ing or engraving/printing of his favorite quote. I also advise you to lis­ten, maybe a per­son remem­bers some­thing from the dis­tant past or talks about the “blue” dream of his child­hood — this is a direct hint of real­iza­tion.

There are also a lot of event­ful gifts that evoke emo­tions, things that have nev­er hap­pened in his life, all the same bal­loon flights, extreme dri­ving cours­es, or var­i­ous mas­ter class­es, or maybe a day spent in the spa. Look at the per­son­’s tem­pera­ment.

In extreme cas­es, there is always the oppor­tu­ni­ty to give sets or healthy sets with phras­es that speak about the char­ac­ter­is­tics of a person’s char­ac­ter. And even bet­ter — com­bine all this and orga­nize a whole day of pleas­ant sur­pris­es.

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Popular questions and ansrs

If you are faced with the ques­tion of what to give to a per­son who has every­thing, think also about non-triv­ial pack­ag­ing or non-stan­dard pre­sen­ta­tion of your present. So even a sim­ple gift will evoke vivid emo­tions and be remem­bered for a long time.

How to wrap a gift in an original way?

A fun solu­tion would be to buy a box from some­thing that does­n’t look like a gift. For exam­ple, a basin for water. And inside it already put a real sur­prise. So you will first cause a storm of indig­na­tion, or at least bewil­der­ment, and then laugh­ter.

What gift can you make with your own hands?

You can make a bou­quet of sets with your own hands. Watch a tuto­r­i­al on the Inter­net, buy a few box­es of sets and arrange it all into a beau­ti­ful com­po­si­tion. You can sup­ple­ment it, for exam­ple, with cor­ru­gat­ed paper and paper flors.

What colors can be added to the gift?

A New Year’s gift can be sup­ple­ment­ed with a com­po­si­tion of fir branch­es. Birth­day flors should be cho­sen based on the pref­er­ences of the birth­day per­son (and tak­ing into account pos­si­ble aller­gies). A uni­ver­sal option would be clas­sic ros­es or a com­bined bou­quet of dif­fer­ent types of flors. Also a spec­tac­u­lar solu­tion — flors in a hat box.