100+ Easter Gift Ideas

East­er (Res­ur­rec­tion of Christ) is the main hol­i­day for mil­lions of believ­ers in Rus­sia. On this day, the strictest and longest Great Lent ends. It is cus­tom­ary to attend a night ser­vice in the church, bake East­er cakes and paint eggs. And will tell you what to give for East­er to please friends and rel­a­tives
100+ Easter Gift Ideas
100+ gift ideas for East­er. Pho­to: Evge­nia Guse­va

Per­haps East­er is the day when almost any gift for rel­a­tives or fam­i­ly would be appro­pri­ate. But still, when choos­ing what to give for East­er, try to take into account their wish­es. Togeth­er with mar­keter Sergey Evdoki­mov “We” will tell you what you can pay atten­tion to when choos­ing an East­er gift.

1. Storage containers

Storage tanks
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Stor­age con­tain­ers are nev­er redun­dant, espe­cial­ly when guests arrive and the table needs to be set. Beau­ti­ful con­tain­ers are not so easy to find, and some even man­age to make col­lect­ing such items a hob­by.

We recommend to give

A salt and pep­per shak­er in the shape of East­er eggs, themed break­fast con­tain­ers that will remind a per­son of the cel­e­bra­tion.

2. Decor

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Inte­ri­or dec­o­ra­tion in an apart­ment or a pri­vate house is a gift that will def­i­nite­ly be in demand. Com­fort in the house is com­fort in the fam­i­ly, so dec­o­ra­tive items will be an excel­lent present.

We recommend to give

A fig­urine in the shape of a rab­bit or a pig­gy bank in the shape of a chick­en with an egg. An unusu­al gift will be nap­kins and table­cloths with themed embroi­dery.

3. Dishes

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Solemn dish­es, cocottes or whole sets will be warm­ly received by any host­ess. There are dish­es for spe­cial events in almost every home, and their use dur­ing the hol­i­days is a kind of fam­i­ly rit­u­al.

We recommend to give

Here the choice is real­ly huge. You can choose egg stands, East­er cake dish­es, cocotte mak­ers for snacks or full-fledged sets.

4. Icons and candles

Icons and candles
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East­er is pri­mar­i­ly an Ortho­dox hol­i­day, so it would be quite appro­pri­ate to give reli­gious items as a gift. Espe­cial­ly if they are con­se­crat­ed in the tem­ple or brought from holy places.

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We recommend to give

An East­er icon or a set of can­dles will be a good gift for East­er.

5. Sets

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Set gifts will appeal to both adults and chil­dren. As with any gift, the main thing in sets is per­son­al­iza­tion. If a per­son loves choco­lates, give him an unusu­al set in East­er style.

We recommend to give

It is worth giv­ing pref­er­ence to hand­made sets — gin­ger­bread cook­ies, East­er cakes, choco­lates. You can buy sets of can­dies with a the­mat­ic pat­tern.

6. Accessories

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Acces­sories can be pre­sent­ed as a gift for East­er to both a woman and a man. The main advan­tage here is ver­sa­til­i­ty. This will empha­size the style of a per­son and, at the same time, the solem­ni­ty of the event.

We recommend to give

Much depends on the gen­der of the per­son to whom the gift is intend­ed. A man can be pre­sent­ed with a tie, bow tie or belt. For a woman — an embroi­dered head scarf or a set of hand­ker­chiefs with mono­grams.

7. Gifts for children

Soft toy
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When choos­ing a gift for your rel­a­tives, do not for­get about the small­est mem­bers of the fam­i­ly! The best present for a child for East­er will be sets or small toys. It is bet­ter to choose a toy in neu­tral tones. A plush rab­bit or bird would be a great solu­tion.

We recommend to give

It is advis­able to spend time with your child — bake East­er cake, set a fes­tive table or paint eggs. From sets, you can choose choco­lates or bars, East­er cakes of var­i­ous shapes, lol­lipops. You can make real mar­malade togeth­er, and then arrange a tast­ing for all fam­i­ly mem­bers.

8. Impressions

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Many do not per­ceive phys­i­cal things as some­thing valu­able, so the best way out is to give an impres­sion. Expe­ri­ence joy­ful emo­tions togeth­er with the dear­est peo­ple — what could be bet­ter as a gift for East­er?

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We recommend to give

The best gifts are hand­made gifts. Attend a East­er cake cook­ing class and cook a fes­tive din­ner with your fam­i­ly. An excel­lent option for spend­ing time togeth­er would be to vis­it the night ser­vice and the pro­ces­sion.

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What else can you give for Easter

  • Hand­made can­dle
  • Themed table dec­o­ra­tion
  • East­er themed choco­lates
  • Mag­net with scratch lay­er
  • inte­ri­or sus­pen­sion
  • East­er thim­ble
  • Egg-shaped box
  • Sets set
  • gift set
  • Good Wish­es Pouch
  • East­er themed table­cloth
  • Curd East­er
  • Cahors bot­tle in the form of a jug
  • Prayer embroi­dered on a piece of mate­r­i­al
  • Fes­tive wreath
  • Icon
  • Ike­bana with wil­low and birch branch­es
  • sou­venir plates
  • Desk cal­en­dar
  • Pies with veg­eta­bles, chick­en or fish
  • Prayer book
  • East­er fig­urines
  • East­er bas­ket with fill­ing
  • indoor flor
  • Chris­t­ian rings
  • bible fig­urine
  • Bread made by hand
  • Pec­toral con­se­crat­ed cross­es
  • Nests for East­er eggs made of nat­ur­al mate­ri­als
  • Paint­ing depict­ing angels
  • Edi­ble fig­urines with an East­er sto­ry
  • Slip­pers
  • Themed mug
  • Bas­ket with fresh flors
  • Bed sheets
  • Bib­li­cal Style Tray
  • Pho­to frame
  • Crys­tal glass­ware set
  • Col­lec­tion of church hymns
  • Head­scarf
  • A tea set
  • Cook­book of Ortho­dox fasts
  • Soap fig­ures with an East­er sto­ry
  • Mosa­ic
  • sleep­ing pil­low
  • Nat­ur­al hon­ey in pots
  • Warm blan­ket
  • Pep­per and salt shak­er in the form of birds
  • Refrig­er­a­tor mag­nets
  • East­er themed pig­gy bank
  • Bible
  • Wall cal­en­dar
  • Salt lamp
  • Set for embroi­dery icons
  • Sou­venir hand paint­ed egg
  • East­er col­or­ing card
  • Wood­en stand for East­er cake and eggs
  • for­tune cook­ies
  • Dec­o­ra­tive pen­dant
  • East­er lantern
  • Mod­u­lar origa­mi egg
  • Gift set of jam
  • diary
  • East­er sou­venirs from poly­mer clay
  • Book­marks
  • Matryoshkas
  • Pil­grim­age to the shrines
  • Porce­lain egg cups
  • Icon embroi­dered with beads
  • Wood­en paint­ed eggs
  • Spices set
  • Pat­terned kitchen tols
  • knit­ted chick­ens
  • Icon bracelet
  • Aro­ma can­dles
  • Set of pothold­ers for the kitchen
  • Can­dle­stick
  • Hand­made gin­ger­bread
  • Soft cush­ions for chairs
  • Shop­per with the image of angels
  • Clay dish­es
  • Paint­ed teapot
  • plush bou­quet
  • Themed table clock
  • Set of tex­tile nap­kins with the­mat­ic embroi­dery
  • Hot food stands
  • East­er top­i­ary
  • Trin­ket
  • East­er tree
  • Egg bin
  • East­er wreath
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How to choose a gift for Easter

If you are going to vis­it friends or rel­a­tives on this day, then be sure to bring a gift with you. It is desir­able that it be as neu­tral as pos­si­ble. Remem­ber that East­er is a church hol­i­day. You should not buy alco­hol or tobac­co prod­ucts, gifts of an inti­mate nature or joke things as a gift. Take the choice as seri­ous­ly and respon­si­bly as pos­si­ble.

  1. Choose neu­tral items, such as fig­urines, paint­ings, din­ner­ware sets, etc.
  2. Try to avoid humor­ous and fun­ny things, so as not to offend those to whom the gift is intend­ed.
  3. The gift should be use­ful and nec­es­sary. Do not buy a thing that will not be used, it will not bring joy to those to whom you give it.
  4. It is believed that a red egg should be added to the gift as a sym­bol of East­er.